Monday, 15 October 2012

Free Downloadable Essays

It is easy to get confused and side-tracked when striving to get free essays for research or even for general reading purposes. This is because there are so many supposedly good essays in the internet that the researcher who is unprepared for the multitude of information can easily get overwhelmed. In seeking out free downloadable essays from the internet, there are a few qualities that you need to understand so as to distinguish between a good essay and a bad one.
Characteristics of a Poorly Written Essay
An essay that does not make sense is not a good essay. There are different aspects in the bid to get free essays that must be considered. These are;

  • Grammar: If there are errors in the essay’s grammar, move on to the next one. Grammatical errors can go a long way in misleading the readers of the free downloadable essays. Essays pass on the reader more than just the information, they also pass on the skills that the writer has. If these skills are not well-honed, it is unlikely that you will have anything to learn from that essay.
  • Flow: When the goal is to get free essays, the flow of the essay is very important. It ensures that the audience is keen, not just on the fact that a story is being told, but also the manner in which the story is being told.
If an essay is not flowing and the readers are not able to follow the writer’s thoughts from one paragraph to another, this is not one of the free downloadable essays to consider for research or any other purpose for that matter.
  •    Punctuation: Punctuation needs to be on-point for the essay to be considered good. This includes having upper case letters in all the right places and understanding how to use semi-colons to break sentences that are too long.
·         General incoherence, possibly because the essay has been directly translated from another language into English.
Characteristics of a Top-Notch Essay

  • Well-researched: As you aim to get free essays, the reader can always tell which essays have been comprehensively researched and which ones have not. However, a balance needs to be sought between researching little or none at all, and having too much information in the essay that it becomes overwhelming.
  • Communicative: This is where the good flow of an essay comes in. The audience needs to feel like the writer is speaking with them directly. It is only by capturing this aspect that free downloadable essays, and indeed, any other essay, can fully engage the audience for any amount of time.
In conclusion, exercise caution while looking for essays both on the internet and from other sources. If an essay does not ‘feel’ right to you as you read it, it probably is not. Good essays inspire.

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