Monday, 15 October 2012

Free Writing Essays

Free Writing Essays is the process by which a writer allows his/her thoughts to flow freely in while writing everything that comes to mind. It is a method that is incorporated and encouraged as a step before writing a final draft of any essay.
As one of the pre-writing steps, the writer is encouraged to put down every piece of information that comes to mind. In doing so, he/she is able to record every idea he has without the pressure of expounding on them immediately.
Purpose of Free Writing Essays
  • To get ideas flowing
Once the writer has done enough research on their essay topic from books and free downloadable essays, it is important to kick their thinking into high gear as they settle down
to write their own essay. Free writing is a great way of doing this as it also motivates the writer. Once he/she sees how much they are capable of doing and creating, they are motivated to do more.
  • To ensure that every idea is recorded
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Free Writing Essays is carried out during the pre-writing period because it helps to capture every idea while it is still fresh. This does not mean that every idea is going to be used, but it helps to ease some of the pressure off while writing the final draft, from trying to remember what you had intended to write about at a certain juncture.
The difference between free writing essays and brainstorming is that free writing is most effective when done in a limited amount of time during which there is continuous writing, regardless of relevance or coherence.
  •  To get all your ideas out of your head and onto paper

Even before it is time to write the essay, it is a great idea to know what you are going to write as it also helps you to write a comprehensive outline which then, effectively serves its purpose.
  • Capturing different angles

One way of coming up with different angles for an essay topic is by going through different free downloadable essays on the internet. However, our brains and our own creativity are also a great resource of creativity that we do not always tap into. The process of free writing essays enables the writer to explore this resource with no pressure and no judgment, while having fun too!
Guidelines while using free downloadable essays
Free downloadable essays are meant for research and tailored to give candidates an edge over others. However, there are some students who download these essays for the wrong reason, and that is, to submit as their own. This is counter-productive in that it does not get them the score or credit that they are looking for since it is plagiarized, and it also does not develop the writer’s skills.
By submitting free downloadable essays as his/her own, the students cheat themselves out of seeing the masterpiece that they can create from the stage of free writing essays to the final draft which gets them to where they want to be.