Monday, 15 October 2012

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College essay writing should not be viewed as a mammoth task but rather, as a welcome challenge. The underlying problem however, may be the psychological attitude of the student. This article will endeavor to offer writing guidelines from free college essays and consequently, demonstrate that essay writing can indeed be fun!
Basic Essay Layout
According to a host of available free essays online, the basic layout of an essay includes the following basic sections.
  • The Introduction.

The introduction needs to be simple and enable the reader understand the contents of the essay at a glance. Let the reader know what you are planning to talk about in the essay. This is also where the thesis statement is stated.
  •  The Body

Inasmuch as the introduction plays an important role in all free essays online, it is within the body that the ‘meat’ of the essay is. The body contains a number of paragraphs within which the writer expounds on the thesis statement, and/or the issue that is raised within the essay topic.                                                                                     View some free online essay samples here.
The body of free college essays is aimed at being informative without being crowded with facts. The way to ensure this is by prioritizing the points which are important and beginning by discussing them. That way, if the writer runs out of words, they have still discussed the important aspects of their essay.
  • The Conclusion

Without a coherent and powerful conclusion, there is the danger of the essay ending anti-climatically. The conclusion of the free essay online, as the name suggests, is the point at which the essay is wound down. It contains the writer’s view or judgement or view on any issue and leaves no conflicts pending.
Prior to generating your essay it is paramount to make a viable outline of what you want to cover in your essay. An outline is meant to assist the writer to organize his/ her thoughts carefully and in a coherent manner which they can then build upon. According to most free college essays experts, you can draft the essay layout on a piece of paper.However, with the latest technological advancement many prefer to use their computers with the possible assistance of templates.
In conclusion, for an essay to communicate the writer’s ideas effectively, the contents of every paragraph need to flow seamlessly into the next and so on. This is one of the skills demonstrated in a variety of excellent free essays online; and it is the same skill that enhances the readability of your essay.

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