Monday, 15 October 2012

Free Essays on Poverty

Writing of essays is an art that is perfected with time; it is during the writing process or career that an individual continually grows in the art of writing different essays. Articles fall in different categories and it is the writer’s responsibility to be well-versed in all of them. Some are aimed at being educative, some entertaining and others, explorative.  The main issues could touch on the current affairs of a given country, global warming, or even as in our case, the issue of poverty. In reviewing free essays on poverty in order to write an essay of your own on a similar topic, consider the following;
The Target Audience
Every essay, including free writing essays, has an audience for whom it is targeted. This audience may comprise of as few as one and as many as millions of people. In order for an essay or indeed, any written material, to resonate with the readers, it must address them directly.
It is of great benefit to writers to conduct comprehensive research on a number of free writing essays and the tips that they would glean from them. Whether the essay is for academic purposes or to be used on a given function or seminar, it involves a progression of thought which, if the writer is not skilled, it is possible to lose one’s audience.
In considering the target audience of an essay on poverty for instance, the tone of the essay needs to be sober and not jovial so as to pass the message across and possibly, impart change. Since the issue of poverty is a global phenomenon there is a wide variety offree essays on poverty which deal with poverty in different societal levels and countries.
Conductive Research
Since poverty is a global issue, it is important for the essay to be filled with factual information from different angles that all tie in to one another. The only way to have all this information available is by conducting research on different media. One of the mediums available is the internet, where the writer can gain access tofree essays on poverty and free writing essays.
Knowing how to conduct research is just as important as knowing where to do it. The best style to use in researching is to read the relevant free essays on poverty with a pen in hand, ready to write down any ideas that jump out at you from the free writing essays; and which you would like to incorporate in your own essay.